Give me a branch or a leaf,

give me a location or a cloth or a vase

and i’ll transform it in a flowering dream.

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A of Flowers

What is “Un mondo di fiori?” Un mondo di fiori is the result of several evens which made Paolo Casalloni Senior decide to open his flower shop in Arzachena’s town center, in 1986. The success was immediate conquering, as customers, the most important and influential people of Costa Smeralda.
It doesn’t take long to have, as part of the business, also Paolo Casalloni junior, a young, resourceful floral designer who, following his father’s footsteps, will decorate the most beautiful scenes, where “Un mondo di fiori” will create the perfect setting. Every creation have their label. With them reality has no limits…if you can think of it, you can do it.

Yacht, Villas, Hotels

Their creations perfectly match with the interiors of luxury yacht, villas and hotels, making the places look precious in a unique and extraordinary way


There isn’t a time, a style or a way…there’s just what we want to create. Un mondo di fiori imagines a magical day, without any brake to your imagination. We will interlace your dream together with our knowledge. The result? Astonishment!


The magic about an event lies in the capacity of creating something that doesn’t exist in every day life. Un mondo di fiori will take you in an alternate dimension where dreams become reality

We are and its opposite

From the most simple little bunch of flowers to the most exclusive event in Costa Smeralda. Not just flowers, we want to be where beauty is, where art is, where there’s passion, because every occasion is good to give and take emotions.

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